Ange Rwanda

☆I fill world with words left unspoken, Poetry by my side I won't be in silence, I'll sparkle even when stars stop to twinkle…☆

The Devil is really

The devil is really. He’s not a little short man with horns and tail. He can be beautiful, he can be everything you want. Because he’s a fallen angel and he used to be God’s favorite”

                                                 Malaika Ange



The memories of you

The memories of you is like a black , Dark, bitter and causes insomnia.

                                                    Ange Rwanda

Black girls’ magic

Dance to the rhymes of our souls and curves

Feel the black girls’ magic

Our skin is made of brown sugar and honey

Our skin is bold

and we are gold

We know how to sway our hips

And we slay it like a queen!

                                                    Ange Rwanda

God I just love you

Don’t ask me why I believe in him
         When I really never saw him
  I just do, without him light is dim
He makes me strong without going in a gym
      He doesn’t care if I’m fat or slim
In his fountain of light is where I want to swim!

                                       Ange Rwanda

You’re just memories shop where he goes to remember how much he’s loved

On being informed you’re just an optional for someone who means the world to you that for him you’re just a game not someone to love.

Fearing to let your friends know him because you know you’re just a pirate for a season but still you love him that you can’t think of letting him go.

You’ll be on date with him knowing that he’s thinking about someone else but you know you can’t control his mind, all you’ve do is hope.

He’ll take the phone you’ll listen to those sweet words and those names he calls you and you’ll feel cheap in his eyes but still you love, you hope.

At night you can’t sleep thinking about how he’s fucking loving touching that girl, you know that you’ll never be the girl worth the fight for him.

To him you are just an easy target why bother how you feels, you’ll never be the mother of her kids why bother think of your life, he is selfish.

Next year her dream girl will be announced to be having a wedding in upcoming days and also to be having a children and he’ll call your number.

Take the phone and feel the warmth of his voice again he tells you he needs you; inform yourself this is just a favor from you nothing special.

When you meet him at his apartment, don’t think for just a second that he cleaned the apartment to impress you as far you remember you’re an option.

When he comes to welcome you do not think for just one second that he’s wearing that cologne for you, remember that you’re just a call way for him.

When he holds you do not count how many seconds left for his lips to touch yours recall that when he left you, you were as useless as scrap.

When he tells you that he missed you remind yourself that you’re not special, you’re just a library where he goes to read when he’s bored.

After the visit to his home you’ll go home feeling butterflies in your stomach thinking that maybe your dreams are going to become true for once in life.

In the morning you’ll wakeup feeling like you could go to his apartment and fall in his arms and tell him how you couldn’t sleep thinking about him.

You’ll talk to yourself “let me give him space and make him want me, make him miss me as much as I do” you’ll find yourself waiting forever.

Next week you’ll see his relationship status “In relationship with Chingalinga” he never thought about you like Jason thought about Cheyenne.

You’ll go in your bedrooms and start crying until your eyes become raising and asking yourself does he fall for their look like arranged paintings?

You’ll feel like writing his name everywhere in the middle of nowhere because in Kinyarwanda they say: “USHAKA GUKIRA INDWARA ARAYIRATA”.

Do not blame yourself for loving until it hurts it only means that you’re strong, do not run after him, you can survive and love someone else again.

She must be his favorite museum where he learns his past, present and discovers his future; she must be the girl of his dreams who make him happy.

You are just memories shop where he goes to remember how much he is loved!

Pay no attention

Pay no attention to their lexis, endure those bullies, live through those insults and survive.

Don’t slay yourself because a bunch of morons are mean to you, Ange hasn’t, and so will you.

Never endure those insults in calm, never be insulted into stillness, never let yourself be a victim.

Again, don’t allow a bunch of morons to give you the description of who you’re, describe yourself.

A walk to remember

You were abandoned on the ground

There were only tears and pain around

You looked for hope but couldn’t be found

You couldn’t make a sound!
Who should die, who shouldn’t have a family

Who should be raped

Who should be tortured 

No one deserved any of those!
Let’s take a walk to remember

To honor the people we lost

We carry them inside our hearts

They worth to be remembered!
They were denied and unjustified

We were left to scream their dream

You, you, you and you. We all

We were left to fulfill their dream!
Hey! Peux-tu m’entendre?

Si seulement vous pouviez me voir aujourd’hui 

Pour voir qui je deviens aujourd’hui

Je vous porte dans mon coeur jour aprés jour!
They ask us why we remember, because…

There’s a piece of our heart that belongs to them

We take a walk to remember

To show those who survived that we care!
Sorry I wasn’t there

Maybe I could have done something 

But Now I’m here

I can promise you with the future!

Let me be positive

There’s always something good out of evil

Without pain there would be no compassion

We become a leading light from dark past!
I may not live forever but forever is now

And they say to remember is to live

Let’s hold burning candles

For its light resembles hope!
We remember them everyday

They live inside our heart day by day

Let’s take a walk to remember

A Walk that will never be forgotten!
In 2017

Let’s remember Genocide Against Tutsi

Let’s fight genocide ideologies 

Let’s build on our progress.


“You’ll never be alone”


I wanna be the one to tell you that you’ll never be alone, I’ll never let you feel a lone.

I wanna be the one to wipe away your tears, I’ll be there and here for you, don’t fear.

When you’re cold, come to my arms and I’ll make you feel the rhythms of my heart.

I wanna be the one to be in that white dress looking like an angel just like my name.

Together we’ll climb the highest mountain for thy God said “with love we can”.

Every night when you appear I’ll get near you for you to hear and whisper in your ear….

“I Love You”

It’s true that I’ll love your for endless years, I’ll try to cheer you up without beer.

I’ll heal your wound, I’ll never make you feel down for you’re the finest thing I ever found.

You makes me laugh, you wipe away my tears, you’re always here when I win or fail…

You hold me tight you kiss me deep, you’re the promise that I’ll have a friend forever.

I want you to fantasize about my lips replaying how our last kiss felt like.

I’m not a photographer but I can picture you and I together, I want you to stay.

Unlike Proverbs 27:5 my love for you isn’t hidden, I want the world to know that I love you.

If we had class together I’d say we’ve a chemistry because I feel like you and I, we’re one.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I’m 9 and you’re the 1 that I need, you complete me.

It’s not my fault that I fell for you harder you’re the one that tripped me…

Oh! How you make me feel when you touch me, I love the way your cologne smells.

I wanna be the only one to make you tremble with just the thought of me.

The world needs more love actually but I need your love even more.

As endless as forever I want you and me to be forever in love

Blessing comes in many ways but you’re my gift because I’ve given nothing to deserve you.

I love the feelings I get and the person I become when I’m with you.

 You dazzle me with your words that all I wanna do is feel you, I desire you.

Handsome? Not enough! You’re hot, heavenly, huggable and sooner to be my husband.

Never taught you’d fill the void in my heart but you came and changed my taught.

Engross me, entice me, rip off me. Get your hands on me, make me feel and forget.

How can I forget how I feel you as I goes high, only you can take me there.

Just like that you tongue make me lose my mind, I’m lost in your kisses.

When you whisper in my ears that you love me, I feel like my heart is about to explode.

I’m too innocent like Rwandan girls, it’s confusing how you can make me talk dirty with just your look.

I want to tell you this in French because it sounds more romantic:

” Vous êtes irremplaçable et irrésistible. Ensemble, nous allons rendre cela incassable.”

Je t’aime

I never thought I’d become a romantic poet, but at the touch of a love everyone becomes a poet.

I feel like I’m flying in the cloud without knowing the way but it feel good.

You touch me deep inside my heart where no else can reach.

With our intertwined hands we’ll fight all obstacles for thy God said “together we can”.

 I won’t judge you, I’ll understand the roots of your scars and love you with it for “Unconditional love is all I’ve”

I’ll write about you until I use the same metaphors in my library cause there’s many way to explain being loved by you.

I real wanna show you how special you’re to me, I really wanna show you what you really mean to me.

You’re the one I’d sing if I knew how to sing, you’re the one I’m writing because I know how to write.

You’re the goal I won and felt like I need to celebrate, I really love you.

 The rays of you love  fell on me, I was carried away with your captivating manner.

When I met you for the first time little did I know I’d fall in love with every inch of your body and soul.

Beloved believe me when I say I can’t imagine to live a life without your life.

Everyone is trying to steal your heart but I’m the only one who can’t betray it for anything.

You’ll never be alone, I’ll stick by your side there’s no shame in loving you.

Let me love you you’ll never regret loving me me, let me take your hand I won’t never let you go.

I love you, I can’t hold my love for you anymore, my optimistic became realistic.

I’ll always be there for you, as long as I can remember “you’ll never be alone”

Don’t “1”

Don’t look for monsters under my bed, for they live inside my head.

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